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Oryza sativa subsp. indica ABI3VP1 Family


Suzuki et al. 1997: When expressed and purified as a separate peptide, the B3 domain has a highly cooperative DNA binding activity that is specific for the Sph sequence. We find that the properties of this activity are in compelling agreement with the functional analyses of VP1 and regulatory sequences in the C7 promoter. These results identify a new class of DNA binding proteins, which thus far are known only in the plant kingdom, that have critical functions in development.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess B3 domain
  SHOULD NOT possess AP2 Auxin_resp domains

Domain alignments

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There are 55 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
OsIBCD000875 Chr01_1287,1356,,,1,1356, B3
OsIBCD002987 Chr01_4687,993,,,1,993, B3
OsIBCD003166 Chr01_4945,1206,,,1,1206, B3
OsIBCD003168 Chr01_4947,2112,,,1,2112, B3
OsIBCD004220 Chr01_6460,2034,,,1,2034, B3
OsIBCD004256 Chr01_6517,2184,,,1,2184, B3
OsIBCD005413 Chr02_1010,870,,,1,870, B3
OsIBCD007097 Chr02_3833,3273,,,1,3273, B3
OsIBCD008067 Chr02_5260,807,,,1,807, B3
OsIBCD008966 Chr03_616,399,,,1,399, B3
OsIBCD009085 Chr03_775,714,,,1,714, B3
OsIBCD009264 Chr03_1008,816,,,1,816, B3
OsIBCD011201 Chr03_4195,1458,,,1,1458, B3
OsIBCD011202 Chr03_4197,1611,,,1,1611, B3
OsIBCD011203 Chr03_4198,1074,,,1,1074, B3
OsIBCD011206 Chr03_4202,1560,,,1,1560, B3
OsIBCD011208 Chr03_4204,2709,,,1,2709, B3 zf-BED
OsIBCD011212 Chr03_4210,1629,,,1,1629, B3
OsIBCD011218 Chr03_4222,2532,,,1,2532, B3
OsIBCD011221 Chr03_4225,843,,,1,843, B3
OsIBCD011222 Chr03_4226,1146,,,1,1146, B3
OsIBCD011223 Chr03_4227,1143,,,1,1143, B3
OsIBCD013884 Chr04_2084,1374,,,1,1374, B3
OsIBCD013888 Chr04_2095,1305,,,1,1305, B3
OsIBCD015973 Chr04_5117,2379,,,1,2379, B3
OsIBCD016007 Chr04_5162,1329,,,1,1329, B3
OsIBCD016008 Chr04_5163,1515,,,1,1515, B3
OsIBCD018391 Chr05_3782,807,,,1,807, B3
OsIBCD019153 Chr06_79,765,,,1,765, B3
OsIBCD019175 Chr06_117,531,,,1,531, B3
OsIBCD019696 Chr06_887,693,,,1,693, B3
OsIBCD021489 Chr06_3990,1164,,,1,1164, B3
OsIBCD022555 Chr07_684,1224,,,1,1224, B3
OsIBCD022556 Chr07_685,2391,,,1,2391, B3
OsIBCD022813 Chr07_1137,948,,,1,948, B3
OsIBCD023899 Chr07_3098,2544,,,1,2544, B3 zf-CW
OsIBCD024720 Chr08_12,1242,,,1,1242, B3
OsIBCD026037 Chr08_2293,1146,,,1,1146, B3
OsIBCD026044 Chr08_2313,1272,,,1,1272, B3
OsIBCD031888 Chr11_449,1092,,,1,1092, B3
OsIBCD032115 Chr11_811,1269,,,1,1269, B3
OsIBCD034096 Chr12_530,930,,,1,930, B3
OsIBCD035530 Chr12_2945,6663,,,1,6663, B3 RVP_2 RVT_2 zf-CCHC
OsIBCD035531 Chr12_2946,1416,,,1,1416, B3
OsIBCD035532 Chr12_2948,1065,,,1,1065, B3
OsIBCD035534 Chr12_2950,1101,,,1,1101, B3
OsIBCD037717 Chr02_2489,804,,,1,804, B3
OsIBCD038148 Chr02_4559,1236,,,1,1236, B3
OsIBCD038424 Chr03_199,927,,,1,927, B3
OsIBCD039988 Chr04_2085,297,,,1,297, B3
OsIBCD040422 Chr04_4268,1203,,,1,1203, B3
OsIBCD041561 Chr06_77,612,,,1,612, B3
OsIBCD042678 Chr07_689,1626,,,1,1626, B3
OsIBCD043499 Chr08_520,861,,,1,861, B3
OsIBCD045517 Chr10_3070,939,,,1,939, B3

General references

Nag, R; Maity, MK; Dasgupta, M. 2005. Dual DNA binding property of ABA insensitive 3 like factors targeted to promoters responsive to ABA and auxin. Plant Mol. Biol. 59(5):821-38 PUBMEDID:16270233
Suzuki, M; Kao, CY; McCarty, DR. 1997. The conserved B3 domain of VIVIPAROUS1 has a cooperative DNA binding activity. Plant Cell 9(5):799-807 PUBMEDID:9165754