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Zea mays ABI3VP1 Family


Suzuki et al. 1997: When expressed and purified as a separate peptide, the B3 domain has a highly cooperative DNA binding activity that is specific for the Sph sequence. We find that the properties of this activity are in compelling agreement with the functional analyses of VP1 and regulatory sequences in the C7 promoter. These results identify a new class of DNA binding proteins, which thus far are known only in the plant kingdom, that have critical functions in development.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess B3 domain
  SHOULD NOT possess AP2 Auxin_resp domains

Domain alignments

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There are 87 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AC190702.3_FGP020 B3
AC193767.3_FGP027 B3
AC194362.3_FGP021 B3
AC200622.3_FGP046 B3
GRMZM2G001048_P01 B3
GRMZM2G001048_P02 B3
GRMZM2G007519_P01 B3
GRMZM2G007519_P02 B3
GRMZM2G008356_P01 B3 zf-CW
GRMZM2G017187_P04 B3
GRMZM2G018485_P01 B3
GRMZM2G019956_P01 B3
GRMZM2G021252_P01 B3
GRMZM2G024339_P01 B3
GRMZM2G024948_P01 B3
GRMZM2G027253_P01 B3
GRMZM2G027760_P01 B3
GRMZM2G028794_P01 B3
GRMZM2G039741_P01 B3
GRMZM2G045113_P01 B3
GRMZM2G045847_P01 B3 PHD
GRMZM2G051928_P01 B3 zf-CW
GRMZM2G065478_P01 B3
GRMZM2G065496_P01 B3
GRMZM2G065496_P02 B3
GRMZM2G065496_P03 B3
GRMZM2G065496_P05 B3
GRMZM2G065538_P01 B3
GRMZM2G067979_P01 B3
GRMZM2G081337_P01 B3 PHD
GRMZM2G082227_P01 B3
GRMZM2G084371_P01 B3
GRMZM2G084371_P03 B3
GRMZM2G088413_P01 B3
GRMZM2G088427_P01 B3
GRMZM2G092507_P01 B3
GRMZM2G098063_P01 B3
GRMZM2G098443_P01 B3
GRMZM2G098458_P01 B3 PHD
GRMZM2G098458_P02 B3 PHD
GRMZM2G102059_P01 B3
GRMZM2G102938_P01 B3
GRMZM2G102938_P02 B3
GRMZM2G102938_P03 B3
GRMZM2G102938_P04 B3
GRMZM2G102938_P05 B3
GRMZM2G104948_P01 B3
GRMZM2G106086_P01 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P01 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P02 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P03 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P04 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P05 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P06 B3
GRMZM2G106673_P07 B3
GRMZM2G109480_P02 B3
GRMZM2G109480_P03 B3
GRMZM2G109879_P01 B3
GRMZM2G109879_P02 B3
GRMZM2G111123_P01 B3
GRMZM2G111123_P02 B3
GRMZM2G123461_P01 B3
GRMZM2G125095_P01 B3
GRMZM2G126194_P01 B3
GRMZM2G128960_P01 B3
GRMZM2G130753_P01 B3
GRMZM2G130753_P02 B3
GRMZM2G133398_P01 B3
GRMZM2G133398_P02 B3
GRMZM2G139548_P01 B3
GRMZM2G142999_P01 B3
GRMZM2G147313_P01 B3
GRMZM2G149940_P01 B3
GRMZM2G150419_P01 B3
GRMZM2G150419_P02 B3
GRMZM2G158162_P01 B3 zf-CW
GRMZM2G158162_P02 B3 zf-CW
GRMZM2G158162_P03 B3 zf-CW
GRMZM2G164390_P01 B3
GRMZM2G172621_P01 B3 zf-CW
GRMZM2G174610_P01 B3
GRMZM2G174610_P02 B3
GRMZM2G177244_P01 B3
GRMZM2G179121_P01 B3
GRMZM2G179379_P01 B3
GRMZM2G180168_P01 B3
GRMZM2G181254_P01 B3

General references

Nag, R; Maity, MK; Dasgupta, M. 2005. Dual DNA binding property of ABA insensitive 3 like factors targeted to promoters responsive to ABA and auxin. Plant Mol. Biol. 59(5):821-38 PUBMEDID:16270233
Suzuki, M; Kao, CY; McCarty, DR. 1997. The conserved B3 domain of VIVIPAROUS1 has a cooperative DNA binding activity. Plant Cell 9(5):799-807 PUBMEDID:9165754