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Vitis vinifera AP2-EREBP Family


Riechmann & Meyerowitz. 1998: AP2 (APETALA2) and EREBPs (ethylene-responsive element binding proteins) are the prototypic members of a family of transcription factors unique to plants, whose distinguishing characteristic is that they contain the so-called AP2 DNA-binding domain. AP2/ REBP genes form a large multigene family, and they play a variety of roles throughout the plant life cycle: from being key regulators of several developmental processes, like floral organ identity determination or control of leaf epidermal cell identity, to forming part of the mechanisms used by plants to respond to various types of biotic and environmental stress.

Shigyo et al. 2006: AP2/EREBP genes are divided into two subfamilies: AP2 genes with two AP2 domains and EREBP genes with a single AP2/ERF (Ethylene Responsive Element Binding Factor) domain. Expressions of AP2-like genes, including AP2, in Arabidopsis thaliana are regulated by the microRNA miR172. We found that the target site of miR172 is significantly conserved in gymnosperm AP2 homologs, suggesting that regulatory mechanisms of gene expression using microRNA have been conserved over the three hundred million years since the divergence of gymnosperm and flowering plant lineages.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess AP2 domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Feng et al. 2005 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 147 members for this family, 146 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 1.00. One additional member not present in ArabTFDB might be a false negative, giving a Sensitivity of 0.99.

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There are 124 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GSVIVP00000349001 AP2
GSVIVP00000455001 AP2
GSVIVP00001092001 AP2
GSVIVP00001093001 AP2
GSVIVP00002192001 AP2
GSVIVP00002438001 AP2
GSVIVP00002468001 AP2
GSVIVP00003017001 AP2
GSVIVP00003018001 AP2
GSVIVP00003062001 AP2
GSVIVP00006201001 AP2
GSVIVP00006483001 AP2
GSVIVP00007409001 AP2
GSVIVP00007410001 AP2
GSVIVP00007517001 AP2
GSVIVP00007518001 AP2
GSVIVP00007519001 AP2
GSVIVP00007520001 AP2
GSVIVP00007523001 AP2
GSVIVP00007524001 AP2
GSVIVP00007525001 AP2
GSVIVP00008628001 AP2
GSVIVP00009060001 AP2
GSVIVP00009456001 AP2
GSVIVP00009518001 AP2
GSVIVP00009519001 AP2
GSVIVP00009539001 AP2
GSVIVP00009541001 AP2
GSVIVP00010923001 AP2
GSVIVP00011815001 AP2
GSVIVP00012449001 AP2
GSVIVP00013482001 AP2
GSVIVP00014229001 AP2
GSVIVP00014231001 AP2
GSVIVP00014237001 AP2
GSVIVP00014238001 AP2
GSVIVP00014240001 AP2
GSVIVP00014242001 AP2
GSVIVP00014244001 AP2
GSVIVP00014245001 AP2
GSVIVP00014247001 AP2
GSVIVP00014248001 AP2
GSVIVP00014250001 AP2
GSVIVP00014253001 AP2
GSVIVP00014256001 AP2
GSVIVP00014260001 AP2
GSVIVP00014261001 AP2
GSVIVP00014263001 AP2
GSVIVP00014264001 AP2
GSVIVP00014265001 AP2
GSVIVP00014266001 AP2
GSVIVP00014267001 AP2
GSVIVP00014524001 AP2
GSVIVP00014863001 AP2 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00014997001 AP2
GSVIVP00015253001 AP2
GSVIVP00015361001 AP2
GSVIVP00016137001 AP2
GSVIVP00016398001 AP2
GSVIVP00016399001 AP2
GSVIVP00016556001 AP2
GSVIVP00016902001 AP2
GSVIVP00017130001 AP2
GSVIVP00017239001 AP2 B3
GSVIVP00017593001 AP2
GSVIVP00018277001 AP2
GSVIVP00019092001 AP2 Pkinase_Tyr
GSVIVP00019350001 AP2
GSVIVP00019482001 AP2
GSVIVP00019538001 AP2
GSVIVP00019541001 AP2
GSVIVP00019797001 AP2
GSVIVP00020218001 AP2
GSVIVP00020219001 AP2
GSVIVP00020221001 AP2
GSVIVP00020889001 AP2
GSVIVP00021016001 AP2
GSVIVP00021663001 AP2
GSVIVP00021812001 AP2
GSVIVP00021853001 AP2
GSVIVP00022074001 AP2
GSVIVP00022076001 AP2
GSVIVP00023069001 AP2
GSVIVP00023866001 AP2
GSVIVP00023927001 AP2
GSVIVP00024452001 AP2
GSVIVP00024453001 AP2
GSVIVP00024643001 AP2
GSVIVP00024804001 AP2
GSVIVP00025028001 AP2
GSVIVP00025029001 AP2
GSVIVP00025239001 AP2
GSVIVP00025461001 AP2
GSVIVP00025534001 AP2
GSVIVP00025555001 AP2
GSVIVP00025602001 AP2
GSVIVP00025959001 AP2
GSVIVP00026980001 AP2
GSVIVP00027632001 AP2
GSVIVP00028041001 AP2
GSVIVP00028999001 AP2
GSVIVP00029367001 AP2
GSVIVP00029726001 AP2
GSVIVP00030292001 AP2 B3
GSVIVP00030332001 AP2
GSVIVP00031356001 AP2
GSVIVP00031685001 AP2
GSVIVP00031737001 AP2
GSVIVP00031975001 AP2
GSVIVP00032308001 AP2
GSVIVP00032424001 AP2
GSVIVP00032652001 AP2
GSVIVP00032717001 AP2
GSVIVP00033049001 AP2
GSVIVP00033298001 AP2
GSVIVP00033300001 AP2
GSVIVP00033924001 AP2
GSVIVP00034010001 AP2
GSVIVP00034094001 AP2
GSVIVP00034342001 AP2
GSVIVP00036589001 AP2
GSVIVP00037958001 AP2
GSVIVP00037974001 AP2
GSVIVP00038173001 AP2 B3

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