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Oryza sativa subsp. indica ARID Family


Kortschak et al. 2000: Members of the recently discovered ARID (AT-rich interaction domain) family of DNA-binding proteins are found in fungi and invertebrate and vertebrate metazoans. ARID-encoding genes are involved in a variety of biological processes including embryonic development, cell lineage gene regulation and cell cycle control. Although the specific roles of this domain and of ARID-containing proteins in transcriptional regulation are yet to be elucidated, they include both positive and negative transcriptional regulation and a likely involvement in the modification of chromatin structure.

Patsialou et al. 2005: The ARID (A-T Rich Interaction Domain) is a helix-turn-helix motif-based DNA-binding domain, conserved in all eukaryotes and diagnostic of a family that includes 15 distinct human proteins with important roles in development, tissue-specific gene expression and proliferation control. Most ARID family members have not been characterized with respect to their DNA-binding behavior, but it is already apparent that not all ARIDs conform to the pattern of binding AT-rich sequences

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess ARID domain

Domain alignments

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There are 6 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
OsIBCD007755 Chr02_4821,1458,,,1,1458, ARID
OsIBCD021436 Chr06_3897,1410,,,1,1410, ARID
OsIBCD022092 Chr06_4866,5124,,,1,5124, ARID JmjC JmjN PHD PLU-1 zf-C5HC2
OsIBCD026709 Chr08_3467,2019,,,1,2019, ARID
OsIBCD028658 Chr09_2139,2301,,,1,2301, ARID
OsIBCD029283 Chr09_3071,921,,,1,921, ARID HMG_box

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