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Arabidopsis lyrata AUX/IAA Family


Tiwari et al. 2004: Aux/IAA proteins are short-lived nuclear proteins that repress expression of primary/early auxin response genes in protoplast transfection assays. Repression is thought to result from Aux/IAA proteins dimerizing with auxin response factor (ARF) transcriptional activators that reside on auxin-responsive promoter elements, referred to as AuxREs. Most Aux/IAA proteins contain four conserved domains, designated domains I, II, III, and IV. Domain II and domains III and IV play roles in protein stability and dimerization, respectively. A clear function for domain I had not been established. Results reported here indicate that domain I in Aux/IAA proteins is an active repression domain that is transferable and dominant over activation domains. An LxLxL motif within domain I is important for conferring repression. The dominance of Aux/IAA repression domains over activation domains in ARF transcriptional activators provides a plausible explanation for the repression of auxin response genes via ARF-Aux/IAA dimerization on auxin-responsive promoters.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess AUX_IAA domain
  SHOULD NOT possess Auxin_resp B3 domains

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Remington et al. 2004 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 29 members for this family, 28 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 1.00. One additional member not present in ArabTFDB might be a false negative, giving a Sensitivity of 0.97.

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There are 31 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
312501 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_1001281 AUX_IAA
319024 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_3002040 AUX_IAA
328503 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_7000730 ANTH AUX_IAA ENTH
346509 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_4002851 AUX_IAA
351649 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_6002242 AUX_IAA
358770 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_8002557 AUX_IAA WD40
470386 fgenesh2_kg.1__340__AT1G04100.1 AUX_IAA
470401 fgenesh2_kg.1__355__AT1G04250.1 AUX_IAA
470436 fgenesh2_kg.1__390__AT1G04550.2 AUX_IAA
471758 fgenesh2_kg.1__1712__AT1G15580.1 AUX_IAA
474409 fgenesh2_kg.1__4363__AT1G52830.1 AUX_IAA
477214 fgenesh2_kg.2__2344__AT1G80390.1 AUX_IAA
477742 fgenesh2_kg.3__443__AT3G04730.1 AUX_IAA
479003 fgenesh2_kg.3__1704__AT3G15540.1 AUX_IAA
482270 fgenesh2_kg.4__1330__AT2G33310.1 AUX_IAA
484029 fgenesh2_kg.5__21__AT2G01200.2 AUX_IAA
486723 fgenesh2_kg.5__2715__AT3G62100.1 AUX_IAA
491849 fgenesh2_kg.7__1282__AT4G29080.1 AUX_IAA
491899 fgenesh2_kg.7__1332__AT4G28640.1 AUX_IAA
493451 fgenesh2_kg.7__2884__AT4G14550.1 AUX_IAA
494639 fgenesh2_kg.8__455__AT5G43700.1 AUX_IAA
496800 fgenesh2_kg.8__2616__AT5G65670.1 AUX_IAA
863002 Al_scaffold_0006_2511 AUX_IAA
873209 Al_scaffold_0003_1850 AUX_IAA
887587 scaffold_100381.1 AUX_IAA
892185 scaffold_104979.1 AUX_IAA
897963 scaffold_301933.1 AUX_IAA
898796 scaffold_302766.1 AUX_IAA
900716 scaffold_400217.1 AUX_IAA
915410 scaffold_703152.1 AUX_IAA
920936 scaffold_73500001.1 AUX_IAA

General references

Liscum, E; Reed, JW. 2002. Genetics of Aux/IAA and ARF action in plant growth and development. Plant Mol. Biol. 49(3-4):387-400 PUBMEDID:12036262
Tiwari, SB; Hagen, G; Guilfoyle, TJ. 2004. Aux/IAA proteins contain a potent transcriptional repression domain. Plant Cell 16(2):533-43 PUBMEDID:14742873
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