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Oryza sativa subsp. indica C2C2-GATA Family


Lowry & Atchley. 2000: The GATA-binding transcription factors comprise a protein family whose members contain either one or two highly conserved zinc finger DNA-binding domains. Members of this group have been identified in organisms ranging from cellular slime mold to vertebrates, including plants, fungi, nematodes, insects, and echinoderms.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess GATA domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Reyes et al. 2004 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 29 members for this family, 29 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV and a Sensitivity of 1.00.

This family is also present in:


There are 30 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
OsIBCD001561 Chr01_2360,666,,,1,666, GATA
OsIBCD002811 Chr01_4445,729,,,1,729, GATA
OsIBCD003280 Chr01_5101,1164,,,1,1164, GATA
OsIBCD004695 Chr01_7126,426,,,1,426, GATA
OsIBCD005065 Chr02_506,873,,,1,873, CCT CCT_2 GATA
OsIBCD005551 Chr02_1198,999,,,1,999, GATA
OsIBCD007404 Chr02_4288,1173,,,1,1173, GATA
OsIBCD008310 Chr02_5602,1257,,,1,1257, GATA
OsIBCD008853 Chr03_444,660,,,1,660, GATA
OsIBCD011602 Chr03_4817,873,,,1,873, CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
OsIBCD011898 Chr03_5264,828,,,1,828, CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
OsIBCD012499 Chr03_6079,411,,,1,411, GATA
OsIBCD012510 Chr03_6093,411,,,1,411, GATA
OsIBCD015117 Chr04_3913,1290,,,1,1290, GATA
OsIBCD015151 Chr04_3958,1332,,,1,1332, GATA
OsIBCD016500 Chr05_522,468,,,1,468, GATA
OsIBCD018633 Chr05_4142,1161,,,1,1161, GATA
OsIBCD018920 Chr05_4548,753,,,1,753, GATA
OsIBCD021133 Chr06_3437,1164,,,1,1164, GATA
OsIBCD021917 Chr06_4618,1140,,,1,1140, CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
OsIBCD022891 Chr07_1287,414,,,1,414, GATA
OsIBCD030839 Chr10_2360,1599,,,1,1599, GATA
OsIBCD031435 Chr10_3239,1164,,,1,1164, GATA
OsIBCD032073 Chr11_737,693,,,1,693, GATA
OsIBCD033257 Chr11_2794,804,,,1,804, CCT GATA
OsIBCD033264 Chr11_2801,1767,,,1,1767, GATA JmjC
OsIBCD034167 Chr12_639,993,,,1,993, GATA
OsIBCD035726 Chr12_3251,930,,,1,930, GATA
OsIBCD041508 Chr05_4655,954,,,1,954, GATA
OsIBCD045791 Chr11_742,1293,,,1,1293, GATA

General references

Lowry, JA; Atchley, WR. 2000. Molecular evolution of the GATA family of transcription factors: conservation within the DNA-binding domain. J. Mol. Evol. 50(2):103-15 PUBMEDID:10684344
Omichinski, JG; Clore, GM; Schaad, O; Felsenfeld, G; Trainor, C; Appella, E; Stahl, SJ; Gronenborn, AM. 1993. NMR structure of a specific DNA complex of Zn-containing DNA binding domain of GATA-1. Science 261(5120):438-46 PUBMEDID:8332909
Takatsuji, H. 1998. Zinc-finger transcription factors in plants. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 54(6):582-96 PUBMEDID:9676577

Specific references

Reyes, JC; Muro-Pastor, MI; Florencio, FJ. 2004. The GATA family of transcription factors in Arabidopsis and rice. Plant Physiol. 134(4):1718-32 PUBMEDID:15084732