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Zea mays C2C2-GATA Family


Lowry & Atchley. 2000: The GATA-binding transcription factors comprise a protein family whose members contain either one or two highly conserved zinc finger DNA-binding domains. Members of this group have been identified in organisms ranging from cellular slime mold to vertebrates, including plants, fungi, nematodes, insects, and echinoderms.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess GATA domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Reyes et al. 2004 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 29 members for this family, 29 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV and a Sensitivity of 1.00.

This family is also present in:


There are 64 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AC184831.3_FGP042 GATA
AC184831.3_FGP045 GATA
AC203908.3_FGP033 GATA
AC209642.1_FGP045 GATA
GRMZM2G002232_P01 GATA GHMP_kinases_N
GRMZM2G002232_P02 GATA GHMP_kinases_C GHMP_kinases_N
GRMZM2G002232_P03 GATA
GRMZM2G025002_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G026240_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G028411_T01_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G031983_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G036683_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G039586_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G042822_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G044576_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G048850_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G052616_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G054615_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G054615_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G058479_P01 CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
GRMZM2G058479_P02 CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
GRMZM2G065896_P01 CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
GRMZM2G067171_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G077002_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G078813_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G080401_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G080401_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G080401_P04 GATA
GRMZM2G080401_P05 GATA
GRMZM2G080509_P01 CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
GRMZM2G080509_P02 CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
GRMZM2G095571_P01 GATA GHMP_kinases_N
GRMZM2G095571_P02 GATA GHMP_kinases_C GHMP_kinases_N
GRMZM2G095571_P03 GATA
GRMZM2G098666_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G101058_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G103432_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G104127_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G104127_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G104390_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G104431_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G110295_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G110295_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G113098_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G114775_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G114775_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G118214_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G118214_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G120108_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G123909_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G128668_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G131753_P01 CCT CCT_2 GATA tify
GRMZM2G135381_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G138272_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G138967_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G140669_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G163200_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G163200_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G163200_P03 GATA
GRMZM2G163200_P04 GATA
GRMZM2G166907_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G166907_P02 GATA
GRMZM2G171689_P01 GATA
GRMZM2G178377_P01 GATA

General references

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