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Arabidopsis thaliana C2C2-YABBY Family


Bowman. 2000: The establishment of abaxial-adaxial polarity in lateral organs involves factors intrinsic to the primordia and interactions with the apical meristem from which they are derived. Recently, a small plant-specific family of genes, the YABBY gene family, has been proposed to specify abaxial cell fate. Each asymmetric above-ground lateral organ expresses at least one member of the family in a polar manner, and loss- and gain-of-function studies indicate that they are sufficient to specify abaxial cell fate and that they act in both distinct and redundant manners.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess YABBY domain

Domain alignments

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There are 8 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AT1G08465.1 YAB2 (YABBY 2); transcription factor YABBY
AT1G23420.1 INO (INNER NO OUTER); transcription factor YABBY
AT1G69180.1 CRC (CRABS CLAW); transcription factor YABBY
AT2G26580.1 YAB5 (YABBY5); transcription factor YABBY
AT2G26580.2 YAB5 (YABBY5); transcription factor YABBY
AT2G45190.1 AFO (ABNORMAL FLORAL ORGANS); transcription factor YABBY
AT4G00180.1 YAB3 (YABBY3); transcription factor YABBY

General references

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Specific references

Bowman, JL; Smyth, DR. 1999. CRABS CLAW, a gene that regulates carpel and nectary development in Arabidopsis, encodes a novel protein with zinc finger and helix-loop-helix domains. Development 126(11):2387-96 PUBMEDID:10225998
Kumaran, MK; Bowman, JL; Sundaresan, V. 2002. YABBY polarity genes mediate the repression of KNOX homeobox genes in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 14(11):2761-70 PUBMEDID:12417699