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Vitis vinifera C2H2 Family


Englbrecht et al. 2004: C2H2 zinc fingers (ZF) display a wide range of functions, from DNA or RNA binding to the involvement in protein-protein interactions. Therefore ZFPs not only act in transcriptional regulation, either directly or through site-specific modification and/or regulation of chromatin, but also participate in RNA metabolism and in other cellular functions that probably require specific protein contacts of the ZF domain.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess zf-C2H2 domain
  SHOULD NOT possess PHD domain

Domain alignments

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There are 76 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GSVIVP00000604001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00002057001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00003327001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00005766001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00007261001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00007494001 IQ Myosin_head zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00007495001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00008275001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00010327001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00011745001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00014433001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00014644001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00014947001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00015220001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00015313001 MOZ_SAS zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00015331001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00015772001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00015901001 JmjC JmjN zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00016157001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00016270001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00017282001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00017283001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00017892001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00018109001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00018167001 JmjC JmjN zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00018431001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00018650001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00019195001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00019196001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00019519001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00020171001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00020172001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00020807001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00021051001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00021366001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00021680001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00022095001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00022143001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00022295001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00022744001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00023178001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00023363001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00023561001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00023678001 Exonuc_X-T zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00023802001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00024145001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00024262001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00024511001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00024637001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00024976001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00025545001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00025574001 zf-AN1 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00027440001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00028820001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00029729001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00030062001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00030113001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00030295001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00030573001 PUB UBX zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00030657001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00030866001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00031386001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00031791001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00032197001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00032337001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00033100001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00033294001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00034183001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00035130001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00035131001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00035425001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00036263001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00037377001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00037541001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00037676001 zf-C2H2
GSVIVP00037719001 zf-C2H2

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