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Coccomyxa sp. C-169 C3H Family


Li & Thomas. 1998: We used virtual subtraction, a new gene isolation strategy, to isolate several genes of interest that are expressed in Arabidopsis embryos. These genes have demonstrated biological properties or have the potential to be involved in important biological processes. One gene isolated by virtual subtraction is PEI. It encodes a protein containing a Cys3His zinc finger domain associated with a number of animal and fungal transcription factors. In situ hybridization results showed that PEI1 is expressed throughout the embryo from globular to late cotyledon stage.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess zf-CCCH domain
  SHOULD NOT possess PHD SNF2_N zf-C2H2 domains

Domain alignments

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There are 16 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
29405 e_gw1.8.133.1 RRM_1 zf-CCCH
61172 GG.C169_S08_00026 zf-CCCH
61465 GG.C169_S08_00319 zf-CCCH
63630 GG.C169_S14_00299 zf-CCCH
65999 GG.C169_S25_00049 zf-CCCH
72239 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_4000341 zf-CCCH
73794 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_8000175 UBA zf-CCCH
74603 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_11000123 zf-CCCH
75427 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_14000082 zf-CCCH
75461 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_14000116 zf-CCCH
77639 estExt_fgeneshCV_kg.C_10018 zf-CCCH
79615 estExt_fgeneshCV_kg.C_160004 WW zf-CCCH
81230 estExt_fgeneshCV_pg.C_10417 zf-C3HC4 zf-CCCH
83370 estExt_fgeneshCV_pg.C_110262 zf-CCCH
84285 estExt_fgeneshCV_pg.C_190083 zf-CCCH
84596 estExt_fgeneshCV_pg.C_230033 zf-CCCH

General references

Li, Z; Thomas, TL. 1998. PEI1, an embryo-specific zinc finger protein gene required for heart-stage embryo formation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 10(3):383-98 PUBMEDID:9501112