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Coccomyxa sp. C-169 CCAAT Family


Bernadt et al. 2005: NF-Y is a bifunctional transcription factor capable of activating or repressing transcription. NF-Y specifically recognizes CCAAT box motifs present in many eukaryotic promoters. The mechanisms involved in regulating its activity are poorly understood.

Members of this family

Domain alignments

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There are 15 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
24674 e_gw1.1.645.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
32173 e_gw1.15.297.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
33471 e_gw1.20.255.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
33710 e_gw1.20.253.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
43586 estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_110386 NF-YB NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
45117 estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_200257 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
60908 GG.C169_S07_00204 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
62025 GG.C169_S10_00146 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
66276 fgeneshCV_kg.C_scaffold_1000040 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
70116 fgeneshCV_pm.C_scaffold_20000030 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
71663 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_3000204 CBFB_NFYA
72021 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_4000123 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF HMG_box Histone
74302 fgeneshCV_pg.C_scaffold_10000105 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
77704 estExt_fgeneshCV_kg.C_10086 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
78465 estExt_fgeneshCV_kg.C_50091 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF

General references

Bernadt, CT; Nowling, T; Wiebe, MS; Rizzino, A. 2005. NF-Y behaves as a bifunctional transcription factor that can stimulate or repress the FGF-4 promoter in an enhancer-dependent manner. Gene Expr. 12(3):193-212 PUBMEDID:16128003
Li, XY; Mantovani, R; Hooft van Huijsduijnen, R; Andre, I; Benoist, C; Mathis, D. 1992. Evolutionary variation of the CCAAT-binding transcription factor NF-Y. Nucleic Acids Res. 20(5):1087-91 PUBMEDID:1549471