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Physcomitrella patens CCAAT Family


Bernadt et al. 2005: NF-Y is a bifunctional transcription factor capable of activating or repressing transcription. NF-Y specifically recognizes CCAAT box motifs present in many eukaryotic promoters. The mechanisms involved in regulating its activity are poorly understood.

Members of this family

Domain alignments

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There are 27 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
118490 e_gw1.25.123.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
121230 e_gw1.35.352.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
124620 e_gw1.51.131.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
134432 e_gw1.112.150.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
138283 e_gw1.145.84.1 NF-YC Histone
141686 e_gw1.181.44.1 CCAAT-Dr1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
150383 e_gw1.315.24.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
155559 e_gw1.472.4.1 NF-YC Histone
162379 estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_420118 CBFB_NFYA
162789 estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_470112 NF-YC Histone
182189 estExt_gwp_gw1.C_550059 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
19460 gw1.158.69.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
224453 estExt_Genewise1.C_2880029 CCAAT-Dr1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
27666 gw1.25.124.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
28539 gw1.37.145.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
36907 gw1.462.21.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
53068 gw1.83.253.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
53069 gw1.148.81.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
53898 gw1.159.100.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
54134 gw1.143.117.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
59714 fgenesh1_pm.scaffold_188000005 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
8691 gw1.452.22.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
8789 gw1.370.25.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
8911 gw1.409.22.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
91907 fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_217000025 NF-YB NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
96394 fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_302000018 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
97592 fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_329000016 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF

General references

Bernadt, CT; Nowling, T; Wiebe, MS; Rizzino, A. 2005. NF-Y behaves as a bifunctional transcription factor that can stimulate or repress the FGF-4 promoter in an enhancer-dependent manner. Gene Expr. 12(3):193-212 PUBMEDID:16128003
Li, XY; Mantovani, R; Hooft van Huijsduijnen, R; Andre, I; Benoist, C; Mathis, D. 1992. Evolutionary variation of the CCAAT-binding transcription factor NF-Y. Nucleic Acids Res. 20(5):1087-91 PUBMEDID:1549471