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Populus trichocarpa CCAAT Family


Bernadt et al. 2005: NF-Y is a bifunctional transcription factor capable of activating or repressing transcription. NF-Y specifically recognizes CCAAT box motifs present in many eukaryotic promoters. The mechanisms involved in regulating its activity are poorly understood.

Members of this family

Domain alignments

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There are 59 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
172922 gw1.I.1522.1 CBFB_NFYA
176155 gw1.I.4755.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
179068 gw1.I.7668.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
180445 gw1.I.9045.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
207123 gw1.V.2524.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
207661 gw1.V.3062.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
217204 gw1.VII.1509.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
217819 gw1.VII.2124.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
218216 gw1.VII.2521.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
232345 gw1.XI.325.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
240640 gw1.XIII.889.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
240660 gw1.XIII.909.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
240665 gw1.XIII.914.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
242797 gw1.XIII.3046.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
245906 gw1.XIV.2649.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
247052 gw1.XIV.3795.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
254651 gw1.XVI.590.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
254658 gw1.XVI.597.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
268591 gw1.133.33.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
268609 gw1.133.51.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
415533 gw1.III.2636.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
417536 gw1.VI.1909.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
418034 gw1.VI.2407.1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
423222 gw1.XII.1682.1 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
548700 eugene3.00011141 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
549314 eugene3.00011755 CBFB_NFYA
553055 eugene3.00002370 NF-YC
557856 eugene3.00091116 CBFB_NFYA
558167 eugene3.00091427 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
558718 eugene3.00050333 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
561021 eugene3.00060980 CBFB_NFYA
561162 eugene3.00061121 CBFB_NFYA
565336 eugene3.00081931 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
571462 eugene3.00130826 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
576480 eugene3.00160615 CBFB_NFYA
576644 eugene3.00160779 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
588264 eugene3.02360004 CBFB_NFYA
592153 eugene3.04190002 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
594969 eugene3.00660163 NF-YB
647368 grail3.0074013501 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
652752 grail3.0024038301 CBFB_NFYA
655971 grail3.0049010802 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
659811 grail3.0022035801 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
662774 grail3.0016021101 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
728778 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_XII0881 CCAAT-Dr1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
729700 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_XIII1180 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
733631 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_XV2139 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
742254 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_700585 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
756152 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II002332 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
767936 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IX000987 CBFB_NFYA
784717 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_132000044 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
814069 estExt_fgenesh4_kg.C_LG_IX0001 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF
815791 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_I2903 CBFB_NFYA
821636 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IX1426 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
825603 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_XVIII0020 CBFB_NFYA
827348 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_700170 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
829314 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_I0069 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF
831062 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_IV0058 NF-YC CBFD_NFYB_HMF Histone
836810 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_820024 CCAAT-Dr1 NF-YB CBFD_NFYB_HMF

General references

Bernadt, CT; Nowling, T; Wiebe, MS; Rizzino, A. 2005. NF-Y behaves as a bifunctional transcription factor that can stimulate or repress the FGF-4 promoter in an enhancer-dependent manner. Gene Expr. 12(3):193-212 PUBMEDID:16128003
Li, XY; Mantovani, R; Hooft van Huijsduijnen, R; Andre, I; Benoist, C; Mathis, D. 1992. Evolutionary variation of the CCAAT-binding transcription factor NF-Y. Nucleic Acids Res. 20(5):1087-91 PUBMEDID:1549471