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Oryza sativa subsp. indica GRAS Family


Tian et al. 2004: Members of the GRAS gene family encode transcriptional regulators that have diverse functions in plant growth and development such as gibberellin signal transduction, root radial patterning, axillary meristem formation, phytochrome A signal transduction, and gametogenesis.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess GRAS domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Bolle 2004 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 33 members for this family, 32 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.97. One additional member not present in ArabTFDB might be a false negative, giving a Sensitivity of 0.97.

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There are 57 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
OsIBCD004206 Chr01_6444,837,,,1,837, GRAS
OsIBCD008563 Chr03_69,1503,,,1,1503, GRAS
OsIBCD011070 Chr03_3967,2118,,,1,2118, GRAS
OsIBCD015207 Chr04_4043,2085,,,1,2085, GRAS
OsIBCD017797 Chr05_2899,1410,,,1,1410, GRAS
OsIBCD031408 Chr10_3197,2418,,,1,2418, GRAS
OsIBCD031688 Chr11_147,1806,,,1,1806, GRAS
OsIBCD031801 Chr11_310,1392,,,1,1392, GRAS
OsIBCD031809 Chr11_320,2109,,,1,2109, GRAS
OsIBCD031920 Chr11_502,1521,,,1,1521, GRAS
OsIBCD032931 Chr11_2283,957,,,1,957, GRAS
OsIBCD033729 Chr11_3525,2100,,,1,2100, GRAS
OsIBCD033732 Chr11_3531,1446,,,1,1446, GRAS
OsIBCD033904 Chr12_229,1809,,,1,1809, GRAS
OsIBCD035417 Chr12_2788,2139,,,1,2139, GRAS
OsIBCD036661 Chr01_4312,1482,,,1,1482, GRAS
OsIBCD037020 Chr01_5917,2457,,,1,2457, GRAS
OsIBCD037098 Chr01_6275,1233,,,1,1233, GRAS
OsIBCD037120 Chr01_6442,1599,,,1,1599, GRAS
OsIBCD037214 Chr01_6866,1131,,,1,1131, GRAS
OsIBCD037461 Chr02_1007,1272,,,1,1272, GRAS
OsIBCD038108 Chr02_4404,2136,,,1,2136, GRAS
OsIBCD038109 Chr02_4405,2148,,,1,2148, GRAS
OsIBCD038144 Chr02_4545,1857,,,1,1857, GRAS
OsIBCD038554 Chr03_840,1608,,,1,1608, GRAS
OsIBCD038668 Chr03_1419,1740,,,1,1740, GRAS
OsIBCD038941 Chr03_2857,1572,,,1,1572, GRAS
OsIBCD039001 Chr03_3123,1812,,,1,1812, GRAS
OsIBCD039326 Chr03_4861,2196,,,1,2196, GRAS
OsIBCD039366 Chr03_5027,1878,,,1,1878, GRAS
OsIBCD039398 Chr03_5174,1737,,,1,1737, GRAS
OsIBCD040419 Chr04_4254,1860,,,1,1860, GRAS
OsIBCD040450 Chr04_4358,1911,,,1,1911, GRAS
OsIBCD040629 Chr05_92,1890,,,1,1890, GRAS
OsIBCD040630 Chr05_93,2211,,,1,2211, GRAS
OsIBCD041143 Chr05_2902,1734,,,1,1734, GRAS
OsIBCD041327 Chr05_3818,1503,,,1,1503, GRAS
OsIBCD041355 Chr05_3959,1278,,,1,1278, GRAS
OsIBCD041493 Chr05_4621,1503,,,1,1503, GRAS
OsIBCD041555 Chr06_50,1440,,,1,1440, GRAS
OsIBCD041614 Chr06_276,1857,,,1,1857, GRAS
OsIBCD042295 Chr06_3790,1326,,,1,1326, GRAS
OsIBCD043118 Chr07_2967,1716,,,1,1716, GRAS
OsIBCD043154 Chr07_3146,1326,,,1,1326, GRAS
OsIBCD043189 Chr07_3288,1635,,,1,1635, GRAS
OsIBCD043195 Chr07_3328,1809,,,1,1809, GRAS
OsIBCD043202 Chr07_3354,1422,,,1,1422, GRAS
OsIBCD045168 Chr10_1489,1575,,,1,1575, GRAS
OsIBCD045667 Chr11_289,1686,,,1,1686, GRAS
OsIBCD045671 Chr11_309,1464,,,1,1464, GRAS
OsIBCD045672 Chr11_311,1533,,,1,1533, GRAS
OsIBCD045673 Chr11_322,1524,,,1,1524, GRAS
OsIBCD046318 Chr11_3532,1929,,,1,1929, GRAS
OsIBCD046319 Chr11_3533,1788,,,1,1788, GRAS
OsIBCD046320 Chr11_3534,1782,,,1,1782, GRAS
OsIBCD046399 Chr12_353,1665,,,1,1665, GRAS
OsIBCD046463 Chr12_579,1689,,,1,1689, GRAS

General references

Bolle, C. 2004. The role of GRAS proteins in plant signal transduction and development. Planta 218(5):683-92 PUBMEDID:14760535
Richards, DE; Peng, J; Harberd, NP. 2000. Plant GRAS and metazoan STATs: one family? Bioessays 22(6):573-7 PUBMEDID:10842311