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Zea mays GRAS Family


Tian et al. 2004: Members of the GRAS gene family encode transcriptional regulators that have diverse functions in plant growth and development such as gibberellin signal transduction, root radial patterning, axillary meristem formation, phytochrome A signal transduction, and gametogenesis.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess GRAS domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Bolle 2004 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 33 members for this family, 32 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.97. One additional member not present in ArabTFDB might be a false negative, giving a Sensitivity of 0.97.

This family is also present in:


There are 112 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AC187209.5_FGP031 GRAS
AC191401.3_FGP045 GRAS
AC198366.3_FGP040 GRAS
AC198420.4_FGP056 GRAS
AC207334.3_FGP042 GRAS
AC217624.1_FGP038 GRAS
AC217999.3_FGP030 GRAS
GRMZM2G001426_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G013016_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G015004_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G015004_P03 GRAS
GRMZM2G015080_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G015080_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G015696_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G018254_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G019060_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G022717_P01 FA_desaturase_2 GRAS
GRMZM2G023872_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G024320_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G024320_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G024973_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G028039_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G028438_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G028608_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G037286_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G037792_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G038199_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G043233_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G049159_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G049159_P03 GRAS
GRMZM2G051785_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G055263_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G057736_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G060265_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G067446_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G068223_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G070371_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G071183_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G072576_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G073741_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G073779_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G073805_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G073823_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G076855_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G079470_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G079980_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G082387_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G082656_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G089636_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G089662_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G091656_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G096928_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G097456_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G098517_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G098517_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G098784_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G098800_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G098800_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G104342_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G106336_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G106356_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G106548_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G109869_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G110067_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G114680_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G114680_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G116638_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G117421_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G117426_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G120504_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G122312_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G122741_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G124256_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G125501_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G128893_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G129154_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G130188_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G130825_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G130825_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G131516_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G132794_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G133169_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G140085_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G140094_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G143433_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G144744_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G144744_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G146018_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G146938_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G146938_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G147945_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G148759_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G153333_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G157679_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G157679_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G159475_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G159475_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G159475_P03 GRAS
GRMZM2G159475_P04 GRAS
GRMZM2G159980_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G159980_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G163427_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G163427_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G167471_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G167493_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G169378_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G169636_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G172657_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G173429_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G173429_P02 GRAS
GRMZM2G176537_P01 GRAS
GRMZM2G179325_P01 GRAS

General references

Bolle, C. 2004. The role of GRAS proteins in plant signal transduction and development. Planta 218(5):683-92 PUBMEDID:14760535
Richards, DE; Peng, J; Harberd, NP. 2000. Plant GRAS and metazoan STATs: one family? Bioessays 22(6):573-7 PUBMEDID:10842311