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Selaginella moellendorffii HB Family


Kappen. 2000: The homeodomain is a DNA-binding motif within transcription factor proteins. These transcription factors may be involved in cell differentiation and control of cell growth, as well as patterning of diverse organisms.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess Homeobox KNOX1 KNOX2 domains

Domain alignments

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There are 29 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
115439 e_gw1.51.279.1 Homeobox
135843 e_gw1.140.10.1 ELK KNOX1 KNOX2
139631 estExt_Genewise1.C_01157 HALZ Homeobox
159366 estExt_Genewise1.C_870284 Homeobox KNOX1 KNOX2
18196 gw1.14.301.1 HALZ Homeobox
18217 gw1.11.313.1 Homeobox
19476 gw1.18.263.1 HALZ Homeobox
270225 estExt_fgenesh1_kg.C_00085 Homeobox MEKHLA START
270954 estExt_fgenesh1_kg.C_190005 Homeobox MEKHLA START
39529 gw1.26.410.1 Homeobox
39729 gw1.4.872.1 Homeobox
39737 gw1.6.791.1 Homeobox
402076 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_0000081 Homeobox
404134 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_2000122 Homeobox
405582 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_4000156 Homeobox
407131 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_6000382 Homeobox
407891 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_7000522 Homeobox
415291 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_26000221 Homeobox KNOX1 KNOX2
417475 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_34000251 Homeobox
417553 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_35000026 Homeobox
422900 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_59000029 Homeobox
438630 estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_30602 Homeobox PHD
447019 estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_820061 DDT Homeobox
4561 gw1.2.104.1 Homeobox
6792 gw1.11.103.1 HALZ Homeobox
77000 e_gw1.1.11.1 Homeobox MEKHLA START
81609 e_gw1.4.419.1 HALZ Homeobox
84611 e_gw1.6.793.1 Homeobox
90744 e_gw1.11.921.1 ELK KNOX1 KNOX2

General references

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