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Zea mays HSF Family


Wu. 1995: Organisms respond to elevated temperatures and to chemical and physiological stresses by an increase in the synthesis of heat shock proteins. The regulation of heat shock gene expression in eukaryotes is mediated by the conserved heat shock transcription factor (HSF). HSF is present in a latent state under normal conditions; it is activated upon heat stress by induction of trimerization and high-affinity binding to DNA and by exposure of domains for transcriptional activity. Analysis of HSF cDNA clones from many species has defined structural and regulatory regions responsible for the inducible activities. The heat stress signal is thought to be transduced to HSF by changes in the physical environment, in the activity of HSF-modifying enzymes, or by changes in the intracellular level of heat shock proteins.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess HSF_DNA-bind domain

Domain alignments

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There are 57 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GRMZM2G000439_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G001407_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G002131_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G005684_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G005815_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G005815_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G007543_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G010871_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G010871_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G010871_P03 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G025685_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G026742_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G026742_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G026742_P03 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G026742_P04 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G039925_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G039925_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G049017_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G059851_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G069437_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G074399_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G084107_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G086880_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G088242_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G089525_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G098696_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G098696_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G105348_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G105472_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G115456_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G115456_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G118047_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G118453_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G118485_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G118485_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G125969_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G125969_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G132971_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G132971_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G139535_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G143073_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G159367_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G164909_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G165272_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G165972_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G165972_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G165972_P03 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G165972_P04 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G167503_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G173090_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G173090_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G177988_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G178310_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G178310_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G179802_P01 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G179802_P02 HSF_DNA-bind
GRMZM2G179802_P03 HSF_DNA-bind

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