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Selaginella moellendorffii Jumonji Family


Noh et al. 2004: Flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana is controlled by multiple pathways, including the photoperiod pathway and the FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC)-dependent pathway. Here, we report that a pair of related jumonji-class transcription factors, EARLY FLOWERING 6 (ELF6) and RELATIVE OF EARLY FLOWERING 6 (REF6), play divergent roles in the regulation of Arabidopsis flowering. ELF6 acts as a repressor in the photoperiod pathway, whereas REF6, which has the highest similarity to ELF6, is an FLC repressor. Ectopic expression studies and expression pattern analyses show that ELF6 and REF6 have different cellular roles and are also regulated differentially despite their sequence similarities. Repression of FLC expression by REF6 accompanies histone modifications in FLC chromatin, indicating that the transcriptional regulatory activity of this class of proteins includes chromatin remodeling. This report demonstrates the in vivo functions of this class of proteins in higher eukaryotes.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess JmjC JmjN domains
  SHOULD NOT possess Alfin-like ARID zf-C2H2 domains

Domain alignments

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There are 10 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
170257 estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_110503 FYRC FYRN JmjC JmjN zf-C5HC2
406377 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_5000258 JmjC
406902 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_6000153 APH F-box JmjC
426866 fgenesh2_pg.C_scaffold_86000135 JmjC
437404 estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_00435 JmjC
54256 gw1.26.570.1 JmjC
75959 e_gw1.1.1564.1 JmjC
78122 e_gw1.2.46.1 F-box JmjC
81310 e_gw1.4.1018.1 JmjC JmjN zf-C5HC2
98011 e_gw1.20.542.1 FYRC FYRN JmjC JmjN zf-C5HC2

General references

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