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Arabidopsis thaliana LFY Family


Parcy et al. 1998: The initial steps of flower development involve two classes of consecutively acting regulatory genes. Meristem-identity genes, which act early to control the initiation of flowers, are expressed throughout the incipient floral primordium. Homeotic genes, which act later to specify the identity of individual floral organs, are expressed in distinct domains within the flower. The link between the two classes of genes has remained unknown so far. Here we show that the meristem-identity gene LEAFY has a role in controlling homeotic genes that is separable from its role in specifying floral fate. On the basis of our observation that LEAFY activates different homeotic genes through distinct mechanisms, we propose a genetic framework for the control of floral patterning.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess FLO_LFY domain

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Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AT5G61850.1 LFY (LEAFY); transcription factor FLO_LFY

General references

Parcy, F; Nilsson, O; Busch, MA; Lee, I; Weigel, D. 1998. A genetic framework for floral patterning. Nature 395(6702):561-6 PUBMEDID:9783581

Specific references

Weigel, D; Alvarez, J; Smyth, DR; Yanofsky, MF; Meyerowitz, EM. 1992. LEAFY controls floral meristem identity in Arabidopsis. Cell 69(5):843-59 PUBMEDID:1350515