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Populus trichocarpa LIM Family


Kawaoka et al. 2000: The AC-rich motif, Pal-box, is an important cis-acting element for gene expression involved in phenylpropanoid biosynthesis. A cDNA clone (Ntlim1) encoding a Pal-box binding protein was isolated by Southwestern screening. The deduced amino acid sequence is highly similar to the members of the LIM protein family that contain a zinc finger motif. Moreover, Ntlim1 had a specific DNA binding ability and transiently activated the transcription of a beta-glucuronidase reporter gene driven by the Pal-box sequence in tobacco protoplasts. The transgenic tobacco plants with antisense Ntlim1 showed low levels of transcripts from some key phenylpropanoid pathway genes such as phenylalanine ammonia-lyase, hydroxycinnamate CoA ligase and cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase. Furthermore, a 27% reduction of lignin content was observed in the transgenic tobacco with antisense Ntlim1.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess LIM domain

Domain alignments

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There are 13 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
180451 gw1.I.9051.1 LIM
244404 gw1.XIV.1147.1 LIM
263210 gw1.10457.1.1 LIM
414465 gw1.III.1568.1 LIM
644430 grail3.0039003401 LIM
649691 grail3.0001068602 LIM
663729 grail3.0126006201 LIM
798080 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_I001083 LIM
806453 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_XII000273 LIM
814181 estExt_fgenesh4_kg.C_LG_X0064 LIM
816446 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II1071 LIM
832575 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_VIII0239 LIM
835149 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_XV0182 LIM

General references

Eliasson, A; Gass, N; Mundel, C; Baltz, R; Kräuter, R; Evrard, JL; Steinmetz, A. 2000. Molecular and expression analysis of a LIM protein gene family from flowering plants. Mol. Gen. Genet. 264(3):257-67 PUBMEDID:11085265
Kawaoka, A; Kaothien, P; Yoshida, K; Endo, S; Yamada, K; Ebinuma, H. 2000. Functional analysis of tobacco LIM protein Ntlim1 involved in lignin biosynthesis. Plant J. 22(4):289-301 PUBMEDID:10849346