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Oryza sativa subsp. indica LOB Family


Husbands et al. 2007: Conserved in a variety of evolutionarily divergent plant species, LOB DOMAIN (LBD) genes define a large, plant-specific family of largely unknown function. LBD genes have been implicated in a variety of developmental processes in plants, although to date, relatively few members have been assigned functions. LBD proteins have previously been predicted to be transcription factors, however supporting evidence has only been circumstantial. To address the biochemical function of LBD proteins, we identified a 6-bp consensus motif recognized by a wide cross-section of LBD proteins, and showed that LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES (LOB), the founding member of the family, is a transcriptional activator in yeast. Thus, the LBD genes encode a novel class of DNA-binding transcription factors. Post-translational regulation of transcription factors is often crucial for control of gene expression. In our study, we demonstrate that members of the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family of transcription factors are capable of interacting with LOB. The expression patterns of bHLH048 and LOB overlap at lateral organ boundaries. Interestingly, the interaction of bHLH048 with LOB results in reduced affinity of LOB for the consensus DNA motif. Thus, our studies suggest that bHLH048 post-translationally regulates the function of LOB at lateral organ boundaries.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess DUF260 domain

Domain alignments

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There are 43 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
OsIBCD000213 Chr01_340,927,,,1,927, DUF260
OsIBCD000464 Chr01_717,678,,,1,678, DUF260
OsIBCD001968 Chr01_3119,2121,,,1,2121, DUF1546 DUF260 TAF
OsIBCD002362 Chr01_3758,1101,,,1,1101, DUF260
OsIBCD002369 Chr01_3773,1209,,,1,1209, DUF260
OsIBCD003446 Chr01_5335,738,,,1,738, DUF260
OsIBCD003748 Chr01_5768,792,,,1,792, DUF260
OsIBCD004126 Chr01_6342,810,,,1,810, DUF260
OsIBCD004405 Chr01_6723,315,,,1,315, DUF260
OsIBCD007746 Chr02_4810,288,,,1,288, DUF260
OsIBCD008427 Chr02_5749,651,,,1,651, DUF260
OsIBCD008880 Chr03_487,546,,,1,546, DUF260
OsIBCD008881 Chr03_488,780,,,1,780, DUF260
OsIBCD009460 Chr03_1287,831,,,1,831, DUF260
OsIBCD009736 Chr03_1692,711,,,1,711, DUF260
OsIBCD010732 Chr03_3263,615,,,1,615, DUF260
OsIBCD011143 Chr03_4105,732,,,1,732, DUF260
OsIBCD011443 Chr03_4563,645,,,1,645, DUF260
OsIBCD012210 Chr03_5712,516,,,1,516, DUF260
OsIBCD014229 Chr04_2647,396,,,1,396, DUF260
OsIBCD016561 Chr05_601,726,,,1,726, DUF260
OsIBCD017604 Chr05_2585,603,,,1,603, DUF260
OsIBCD017605 Chr05_2586,603,,,1,603, DUF260
OsIBCD018021 Chr05_3219,843,,,1,843, DUF260
OsIBCD024064 Chr07_3352,681,,,1,681, DUF260
OsIBCD027099 Chr08_4088,840,,,1,840, DUF260
OsIBCD027434 Chr08_4558,648,,,1,648, DUF260
OsIBCD029804 Chr10_554,810,,,1,810, DUF260
OsIBCD036097 Chr01_1366,750,,,1,750, DUF260
OsIBCD036547 Chr01_3760,447,,,1,447, DUF260
OsIBCD036549 Chr01_3763,378,,,1,378, DUF260
OsIBCD036550 Chr01_3764,378,,,1,378, DUF260
OsIBCD036552 Chr01_3769,756,,,1,756, DUF260
OsIBCD036553 Chr01_3770,528,,,1,528, DUF260
OsIBCD036554 Chr01_3771,528,,,1,528, DUF260
OsIBCD036555 Chr01_3776,393,,,1,393, DUF260
OsIBCD039190 Chr03_4126,918,,,1,918, DUF260
OsIBCD040654 Chr05_208,438,,,1,438, DUF260
OsIBCD043908 Chr08_3028,1362,,,1,1362, DUF260
OsIBCD044489 Chr09_1536,1101,,,1,1101, DUF260
OsIBCD045600 Chr11_11,471,,,1,471, DUF260
OsIBCD046340 Chr12_79,477,,,1,477, DUF260
OsIBSD048052 Supscaffold2933_1,720,,,1,720, DUF260

General references

Husbands, A; Bell, EM; Shuai, B; Smith, HM; Springer, PS. 2007. LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES defines a new family of DNA-binding transcription factors and can interact with specific bHLH proteins. Nucleic Acids Res. 35(19):6663-71 PUBMEDID:17913740