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Zea mays MADS Family


Riechmann & Meyerowitz. 1997: The MADS domain (MCM1, AGAMOUS, DEFICIENS, and SRF, serum response factor) is a conserved DNA-binding/dimerization region present in a variety of transcription factors from different kingdoms. MADS box genes represent a large multigene family in vascular plants. In angiosperms, many of the genes of the MADS family are involved in different steps of flower development, most notably in the determination of floral meristem and organ identity. The roles that MADS box genes play, however, are not restricted to control the development of the plant reproductive structures. The genetic, molecular, and biochemical basis of the action of the MADS domain proteins in the plant life cycle are reviewed here.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess SRF-TF domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Parenicova et al. 2003 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 108 members for this family, 99 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.95. Nine additional members not present in ArabTFDB might be false negatives, giving a Sensitivity of 0.92.

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There are 142 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AC189075.3_FGP040 SRF-TF
AC190693.1_FGP033 SRF-TF
AC190882.3_FGP045 SRF-TF
AC193441.3_FGP023 SRF-TF
AC194628.3_FGP023 SRF-TF
AC201873.3_FGP032 SRF-TF
AC205520.3_FGP049 SRF-TF
AC212823.4_FGP040 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G001139_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G001139_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G001139_P03 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G003514_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G005155_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G005155_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G005155_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G008537_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G008537_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G008537_P04 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G012432_P04 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G016772_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G018589_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G020289_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G025620_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G025620_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G025620_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G027930_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G027930_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G028601_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G029593_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G032009_P03 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G032009_P05 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G033316_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G033715_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G035092_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G035836_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G036925_P03 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G037886_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G038878_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G043732_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G044408_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G046885_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G046885_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G046885_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G052045_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G052890_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G053242_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G055782_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G059402_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G059402_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G059898_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G064882_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G065234_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G065234_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G067608_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G067608_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G067608_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G069370_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G070161_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G071620_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G072582_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G072582_P03 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G073357_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G074691_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G075519_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G079727_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G079727_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G083103_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G092330_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G097059_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G099408_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G099522_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G099522_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G099577_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G101039_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G103592_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G105387_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G105387_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G105387_P03 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G110153_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P04 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P05 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P06 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P07 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G112947_P08 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G113477_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G117961_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G128953_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G129034_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G129034_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G135018_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G136985_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G136985_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G137137_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G137289_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G137387_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G137510_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G137510_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G137510_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G138658_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G138658_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G138658_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G139073_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G139352_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G146880_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G147716_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G147716_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G148220_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G148693_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G148693_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G152415_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G152862_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G152862_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G152862_P03 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G152862_P04 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G154280_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G154820_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G156519_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G159397_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G159916_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G160565_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G160687_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G160687_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G160687_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G161143_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G161666_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G163335_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G168907_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G171365_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G171365_P02 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G171365_P03 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G171365_P04 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G171658_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G171963_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G173072_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G173786_P01 SRF-TF
GRMZM2G174005_P01 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G174005_P02 K-box SRF-TF
GRMZM2G174686_P01 ChaC SRF-TF
GRMZM2G180786_P01 SRF-TF

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