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Arabidopsis thaliana MED7 Family


Koschubs et al. 2009: Mediator is a modular multiprotein complex required for regulated transcription by RNA polymerase (Pol) II. Here, we show that the middle module of the Mediator core contains a submodule of unique structure and function that comprises the N-terminal part of subunit Med7 (Med7N) and the highly conserved subunit Med31 (Soh1). The Med7N/31 submodule shows a conserved novel fold, with two proline-rich stretches in Med7N wrapping around the right-handed four-helix bundle of Med31. In vitro, Med7N/31 is required for activated transcription and can act in trans when added exogenously. In vivo, Med7N/31 has a predominantly positive function on the expression of a specific subset of genes, including genes involved in methionine metabolism and iron transport. Comparative phenotyping and transcriptome profiling identify specific and overlapping functions of different Mediator submodules.

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  SHOULD possess MED7 domain

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There are 3 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AT5G03220.1 transcriptional co-activator-related MED7
AT5G03500.1 transcription coactivator MED7
AT5G03500.2 transcription coactivator MED7

General references

Koschubs, T; Seizl, M; Lariviere, L; Kurth, F; Baumli, S; Martin, DE; Cramer, P. 2009. Identification, structure, and functional requirement of the Mediator submodule Med7N/31. EMBO J. 28(1):69-80 PUBMEDID:19057509