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Vitis vinifera NAC Family


Olsen et al. 2005: NAC proteins constitute one of the largest families of plant-specific transcription factors, and the family is present in a wide range of land plants. Here, we summarize the biological and molecular functions of the NAC family, paying particular attention to the intricate regulation of NAC protein level and localization, and to the first indications of NAC participation in transcription factor networks. The recent determination of the DNA and protein binding NAC domain structure offers insight into the molecular functions of the protein family. Research into NAC transcription factors has demonstrated the importance of this protein family in the biology of plants and the need for further studies.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess NAM domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Ooka et al. 2003 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 100 members for this family, 100 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.99 and a Senstivity of 1.00.

This family is also present in:


There are 79 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GSVIVP00000471001 NAM
GSVIVP00000504001 NAM
GSVIVP00000877001 NAM
GSVIVP00001850001 NAM
GSVIVP00002109001 NAM
GSVIVP00002142001 NAM
GSVIVP00002924001 NAM
GSVIVP00003042001 NAM
GSVIVP00005429001 NAM
GSVIVP00006032001 NAM
GSVIVP00006968001 NAM
GSVIVP00007288001 NAM
GSVIVP00011585001 NAM
GSVIVP00011769001 NAM
GSVIVP00011870001 NAM
GSVIVP00014676001 NAM
GSVIVP00014852001 NAM
GSVIVP00015416001 NAM
GSVIVP00015787001 NAM
GSVIVP00016312001 NAM
GSVIVP00016636001 NAM
GSVIVP00017686001 NAM
GSVIVP00017995001 NAM
GSVIVP00018103001 NAM
GSVIVP00018104001 NAM
GSVIVP00018648001 NAM
GSVIVP00018864001 NAM
GSVIVP00019287001 NAM
GSVIVP00020648001 NAM
GSVIVP00020971001 NAM
GSVIVP00020998001 NAM
GSVIVP00021571001 NAM
GSVIVP00022113001 NAM
GSVIVP00023177001 NAM
GSVIVP00023457001 NAM
GSVIVP00024161001 NAM
GSVIVP00024510001 NAM
GSVIVP00024589001 NAM
GSVIVP00024591001 NAM
GSVIVP00024592001 NAM
GSVIVP00024593001 NAM
GSVIVP00024594001 NAM
GSVIVP00024595001 NAM
GSVIVP00024864001 NAM
GSVIVP00025499001 NAM
GSVIVP00025503001 NAM
GSVIVP00025587001 NAM
GSVIVP00025714001 NAM
GSVIVP00025716001 NAM
GSVIVP00025717001 NAM
GSVIVP00025718001 NAM
GSVIVP00025722001 NAM
GSVIVP00025798001 NAM
GSVIVP00026159001 NAM
GSVIVP00026196001 NAM
GSVIVP00026201001 NAM
GSVIVP00026204001 NAM
GSVIVP00027621001 NAM
GSVIVP00027622001 NAM
GSVIVP00027734001 NAM
GSVIVP00028570001 NAM
GSVIVP00029905001 NAM
GSVIVP00030284001 NAM
GSVIVP00031526001 NAM
GSVIVP00031817001 NAM
GSVIVP00031969001 NAM
GSVIVP00032355001 NAM
GSVIVP00032772001 NAM
GSVIVP00034817001 NAM
GSVIVP00035370001 NAM
GSVIVP00036223001 NAM
GSVIVP00036814001 NAM
GSVIVP00036931001 NAM
GSVIVP00036974001 NAM
GSVIVP00037151001 NAM
GSVIVP00037297001 NAM
GSVIVP00037319001 NAM
GSVIVP00037911001 NAM
GSVIVP00038745001 NAM

General references

Olsen, AN; Ernst, HA; Leggio, LL; Skriver, K. 2005. NAC transcription factors: structurally distinct, functionally diverse. Trends Plant Sci. 10(2):79-87 PUBMEDID:15708345