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Zea mays NAC Family


Olsen et al. 2005: NAC proteins constitute one of the largest families of plant-specific transcription factors, and the family is present in a wide range of land plants. Here, we summarize the biological and molecular functions of the NAC family, paying particular attention to the intricate regulation of NAC protein level and localization, and to the first indications of NAC participation in transcription factor networks. The recent determination of the DNA and protein binding NAC domain structure offers insight into the molecular functions of the protein family. Research into NAC transcription factors has demonstrated the importance of this protein family in the biology of plants and the need for further studies.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess NAM domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Ooka et al. 2003 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 100 members for this family, 100 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.99 and a Senstivity of 1.00.

This family is also present in:


There are 216 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AC199851.4_FGP028 NAM
AC210271.3_FGP053 NAM
AC211441.4_FGP031 NAM
GRMZM2G002839_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G003715_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G005600_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G007662_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G007662_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G008046_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G008374_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G009892_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G009892_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G009892_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G009892_P04 NAM
GRMZM2G011598_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G014653_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G014653_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G014653_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G018436_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G018553_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G019016_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G019724_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G023904_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G024087_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G025642_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G025642_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G027309_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G027309_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G027309_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G030325_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G030938_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G031001_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G031120_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G031200_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G031200_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G033742_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G033831_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G033831_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G038073_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G039698_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G040768_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G041668_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G041746_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G042494_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G043199_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G043813_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G044342_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G047089_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G047469_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G048826_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G052239_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G054252_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G054252_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G054277_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G055357_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G058518_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G058773_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G059428_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G059428_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G060116_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G062009_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G062650_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G062650_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G062773_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G063347_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G063522_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G064541_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G065720_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G068573_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G068973_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G069047_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G069513_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G074329_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G074329_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G074358_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G078954_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G078954_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G079012_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G079632_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G081197_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G081930_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G082620_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G082709_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G083347_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G083347_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G084934_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G084934_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G084934_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G086768_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G086768_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G089560_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G090306_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G090306_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G090457_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G090826_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G091490_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G092465_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G092465_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G092897_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G093156_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G094067_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G094185_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G095584_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G095584_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G099144_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G100583_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G100583_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G100593_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G104074_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G104078_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G104078_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G104174_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G104400_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G104400_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G106437_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G109627_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G111652_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G111652_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G111770_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G112481_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G112548_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G112681_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G113950_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G113950_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G114850_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G115721_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G117062_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G117062_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G122615_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G123246_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G123667_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G123667_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G123667_P04 NAM
GRMZM2G123667_P05 NAM
GRMZM2G125608_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G125608_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G125608_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G125700_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G125777_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G126817_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G126936_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G127379_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G129023_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G129023_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G130153_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G130688_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G130688_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G130688_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G131007_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G133231_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G134383_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G134383_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G134383_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G134383_P04 NAM
GRMZM2G134593_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G134687_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G137006_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G139559_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G139700_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G140174_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G140174_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G140901_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G142294_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G144065_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G145155_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G147867_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G147972_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G147972_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G150117_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G150239_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G152543_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G153322_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G153432_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G153432_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G154182_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G154182_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G154182_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G156977_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G159073_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G159094_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G159500_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G159500_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G162739_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G162739_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G163251_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G163841_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G163843_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G163914_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G163914_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G163914_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G164962_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G166513_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G166721_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G166721_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G166721_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G167018_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G167492_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G171395_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G172264_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G174070_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G175256_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G176677_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G176677_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G176677_P04 NAM
GRMZM2G178998_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G178998_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G179049_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G179203_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G179203_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G179203_P04 NAM
GRMZM2G179885_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G179885_P02 NAM
GRMZM2G179885_P03 NAM
GRMZM2G180328_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G181161_P01 NAM
GRMZM2G181605_P01 NAM

General references

Olsen, AN; Ernst, HA; Leggio, LL; Skriver, K. 2005. NAC transcription factors: structurally distinct, functionally diverse. Trends Plant Sci. 10(2):79-87 PUBMEDID:15708345