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Zea mays RB Family


Bremner et al. 2004: The data suggest that RB protein may not control the rate of progenitor division, but is critical for cell cycle exit when dividing retinal progenitors differentiate into postmitotic transition cells.

Ebel et al. 2004: Haploid spores of plants divide mitotically to form multicellular gametophytes. The female spore (megaspore) of most flowering plants develops by means of a well-defined programme into the mature megagametophyte consisting of the egg apparatus and a central cell. We investigated the role of the Arabidopsis retinoblastoma protein homologue and its function as a negative regulator of cell proliferation during megagametophyte development. Here we show that three mutant alleles of the gene for the Arabidopsis retinoblastoma-related protein, RBR1 (ref. 4), are gametophytic lethal. In heterozygous plants 50% of the ovules are aborted when the mutant allele is maternally inherited. The mature unfertilized mutant megagametophyte fails to arrest mitosis and undergoes excessive nuclear proliferation in the embryo sac. Supernumerary nuclei are present at the micropylar end of the megagametophyte, which develops into the egg apparatus and central cell. The central cell nucleus, which gives rise to the endosperm after fertilization, initiates autonomous endosperm development reminiscent of fertilization-independent seed (fis) mutants. Thus, RBR1 has a novel and previously unrecognized function in cell cycle control during gametogenesis and in the repression of autonomous endosperm development.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess RB_B domain

Domain alignments

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There are 19 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GRMZM2G003043_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G003043_P02 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G016997_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G033828_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G033828_P02 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G033828_P03 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G137537_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G137537_P02 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G137537_P03 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G153150_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G153150_P02 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G153150_P03 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G155528_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G155528_P02 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G155528_P03 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G155528_P04 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G155528_P05 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G156101_P01 RB_A RB_B
GRMZM2G156101_P02 RB_A RB_B

General references

Ebel, C; Mariconti, L; Gruissem, W. 2004. Plant retinoblastoma homologues control nuclear proliferation in the female gametophyte. Nature 429(6993):776-80 PUBMEDID:15201912