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Zea mays SBP Family


Cardon et al. 1999: The Arabidopsis thaliana SPL gene family represents a group of structurally diverse genes encoding putative transcription factors found apparently only in plants. The distinguishing characteristic of the SPL gene family is the SBP-box encoding a conserved protein domain of 76 amino acids in length, the SBP-domain, which is responsible for the interaction with DNA. We present here characterisation of 12 members of the SPL gene family. These genes show highly diverse genomic organisations and are found scattered over the Arabidopsis genome. Some SPL genes are constitutively expressed, while transcriptional activity of others is under developmental control. Based on phylogenetic reconstruction, gene structure and expression patterns, they can be divided into subfamilies. In addition to the Arabidopsis SPL genes, we isolated and determined the sequences of three SBP-box genes from Antirrhinum majus and seven from Zea mays.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess SBP domain

Domain alignments

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There are 62 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GRMZM2G006850_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G015007_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G020881_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G020881_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G024760_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G024760_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G036297_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G040785_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G058588_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G061734_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G065451_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G065451_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G067624_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G067624_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G075639_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G080065_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G081127_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G081127_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G090058_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G097275_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G097275_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G097275_P03 SBP
GRMZM2G097275_P04 SBP
GRMZM2G098557_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G101499_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G101511_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G101511_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G102758_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G106798_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G106798_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G108162_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G109354_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G113779_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P03 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P04 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P05 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P06 SBP
GRMZM2G114243_P07 SBP
GRMZM2G126018_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G126018_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G126827_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G133279_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G133646_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G138421_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G145615_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G145615_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G148467_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G154844_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G156621_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G156756_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G160932_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G160932_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G163813_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G163813_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G163813_P03 SBP
GRMZM2G168229_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G168229_P02 SBP
GRMZM2G168229_P03 SBP
GRMZM2G169270_P01 SBP
GRMZM2G169270_P02 SBP

General references

Guo, AY; Zhu, QH; Gu, X; Ge, S; Yang, J; Luo, J. 2008. Genome-wide identification and evolutionary analysis of the plant specific SBP-box transcription factor family. Gene 418(1-2):1-8 PUBMEDID:18495384
Klein, J; Saedler, H; Huijser, P. 1996. A new family of DNA binding proteins includes putative transcriptional regulators of the Antirrhinum majus floral meristem identity gene SQUAMOSA. Mol. Gen. Genet. 250(1):7-16 PUBMEDID:8569690