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Arabidopsis lyrata SET Family


Marmorstein. 2003: The methylation of lysine residues on histone tails is catalyzed by proteins containing a conserved SET domain. A recent flurry of structures of SET domain proteins has revealed a new protein fold and a scaffold for understanding catalysis and substrate binding by these enzymes. The prospect that histone methylation might form an epigenetic code and the implicated involvement of SET domain proteins in cancer assures that structure-function studies of these enzymes will continue until their detailed mechanism of action is determined.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess SET domain
  SHOULD NOT possess CXC PHD zf-C2H2 domains

Domain alignments

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There are 35 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
312743 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_1001523 AT_hook Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
316589 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_2001622 SET
319874 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_3002890 SET
324038 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_5001582 SET
332974 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_9000002 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
344061 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_4000403 AT_hook Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
470083 fgenesh2_kg.1__37__AT1G01920.2 SET
470218 fgenesh2_kg.1__172__AT1G02580.1 SET
470383 fgenesh2_kg.1__337__AT1G04050.1 Pre-SET SET WIYLD
471564 fgenesh2_kg.1__1518__AT1G14030.1 Rubis-subs-bind SET
472886 fgenesh2_kg.1__2840__AT1G24610.1 Rubis-subs-bind SET
476894 fgenesh2_kg.2__2024__AT1G77300.1 SET zf-CW
477623 fgenesh2_kg.3__324__AT3G03750.2 Pre-SET SET
477698 fgenesh2_kg.3__399__AT3G04380.1 Pre-SET SET WIYLD
481208 fgenesh2_kg.4__268__AT2G23380.1 SET
483538 fgenesh2_kg.4__2598__AT2G44150.1 SET
486098 fgenesh2_kg.5__2090__AT3G56570.1 SET
486462 fgenesh2_kg.5__2454__AT3G59960.1 SET
487281 fgenesh2_kg.6__415__AT5G04940.2 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
488222 fgenesh2_kg.6__1356__AT5G13960.1 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
488263 fgenesh2_kg.6__1397__AT5G14260.2 Rubis-subs-bind SET
488588 fgenesh2_kg.6__1722__AT5G17240.1 SET
493373 fgenesh2_kg.7__2806__AT4G15180.1 SET
494600 fgenesh2_kg.8__416__AT5G43990.4 Pre-SET SET WIYLD
494795 fgenesh2_kg.8__611__AT5G42400.1 SET
868053 Al_scaffold_0004_216 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
868356 Al_scaffold_0004_519 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
874398 Al_scaffold_0003_3039 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
895166 scaffold_202240.1 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
896938 scaffold_300908.1 Rubis-subs-bind SET
902198 scaffold_401699.1 FYRC FYRN PWWP SET
902401 scaffold_401902.1 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
902613 scaffold_402114.1 Pre-SET SET YDG_SRA
912028 scaffold_604085.1 SET
913388 scaffold_701130.1 SET

General references

Marmorstein, R. 2003. Structure of SET domain proteins: a new twist on histone methylation. Trends Biochem. Sci. 28(2):59-62 PUBMEDID:12575990