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Chlorella sp. NC64A SNF2 Family


Eisen et al. 1995: The SNF2 family of proteins includes representatives from a variety of species with roles in cellular processes such as transcriptional regulation (e.g. MOT1, SNF2 and BRM), maintenance of chromosome stability during mitosis (e.g. lodestar) and various aspects of processing of DNA damage, including nucleotide excision repair (e.g. RAD16 and ERCC6), recombinational pathways (e.g. RAD54) and post-replication daughter strand gap repair (e.g. RAD5). This family also includes many proteins with no known function. To better characterize this family of proteins we have used molecular phylogenetic techniques to infer evolutionary relationships among the family members. We have divided the SNF2 family into multiple subfamilies, each of which represents what we propose to be a functionally and evolutionarily distinct group. We have then used the subfamily structure to predict the functions of some of the uncharacterized proteins in the SNF2 family. We discuss possible implications of this evolutionary analysis on the general properties and evolution of the SNF2 family.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess SNF2_N domain
  SHOULD NOT possess AP2 PHD domains

Domain alignments

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There are 18 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
134981 IGS.gm_12_00367 SNF2_N
135608 IGS.gm_14_00141 Helicase_C SNF2_N zf-C3HC4
136249 IGS.gm_15_00345 SNF2_N
136777 IGS.gm_17_00181 Helicase_C SNF2_N
136932 IGS.gm_18_00038 Helicase_C SNF2_N
137064 IGS.gm_18_00170 Helicase_C SNF2_N
137960 IGS.gm_2_00427 Helicase_C SNF2_N zf-C3HC4
138032 IGS.gm_2_00499 Chromo Helicase_C SNF2_N zf-CW
144734 IGS.gm_8_00062 Chromo Helicase_C SNF2_N
22847 e_gw1.9.26.1 Helicase_C SNF2_N
34017 estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_30098 SNF2_N
34395 estExt_Genewise1Plus.C_40267 HAND Helicase_C SLIDE SNF2_N
49470 fgenesh3_pg.C_scaffold_1000168 Helicase_C SNF2_N
54357 fgenesh3_pg.C_scaffold_21000093 F-box SNF2_N zf-CW
56509 estExt_fgenesh3_pg.C_10175 Helicase_C SNF2_N
57917 estExt_fgenesh3_pg.C_110019 Helicase_C SNF2_N
9310 gw1.2.166.1 Helicase_C SNF2_N
9749 gw1.13.65.1 SNF2_N

General references

Bork, P; Koonin, EV. 1993. An expanding family of helicases within the 'DEAD/H' superfamily. Nucleic Acids Res. 21(3):751-2 PUBMEDID:8382805
Eisen, JA; Sweder, KS; Hanawalt, PC. 1995. Evolution of the SNF2 family of proteins: subfamilies with distinct sequences and functions. Nucleic Acids Res. 23(14):2715-23 PUBMEDID:7651832