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Zea mays WRKY Family


Wu et al. 2005: WRKY transcription factors, originally isolated from plants contain one or two conserved WRKY domains, about 60 amino acid residues with the WRKYGQK sequence followed by a C2H2 or C2HC zinc finger motif. Evidence is accumulating to suggest that the WRKY proteins play significant roles in responses to biotic and abiotic stresses, and in development. In this research, we identified 102 putative WRKY genes from the rice genome and compared them with those from Arabidopsis. The WRKY genes from rice and Arabidopsis were divided into three groups with several subgroups on the basis of phylogenies and the basic structure of the WRKY domains (WDs). The phylogenetic trees generated from the WDs and the genes indicate that the WRKY gene family arose during evolution through duplication and that the dramatic amplification of rice WRKY genes in group III is due to tandem and segmental gene duplication compared with those of Arabidopsis. The result suggests that some of the rice WRKY genes in group III are evolutionarily more active than those in Arabidopsis, and may have specific roles in monocotyledonous plants. Further, it was possible to identify the presence of WRKY-like genes in protists (Giardia lamblia and Dictyostelium discoideum) and green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii through database research, demonstrating the ancient origin of the gene family. The results obtained by alignments of the WDs from different species and other analysis imply that domain gain and loss is a divergent force for expansion of the WRKY gene family, and that a rapid amplification of the WRKY genes predate the divergence of monocots and dicots. On the basis of these results, we believe that genes encoding a single WD may have been derived from the C-terminal WD of the genes harboring two WDs. The conserved intron splicing positions in the WDs of higher plants offer clues about WRKY gene evolution, annotation, and classification.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess WRKY domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Ulker & Somssich 2004 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 71 members for this family, 71 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.99. One additional member not present in ArabTFDB might be false negative, giving a Sensitivity of 0.99.

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There are 202 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
AC184134.2_FGP030 WRKY
AC188716.3_FGP041 WRKY
AC188750.4_FGP035 WRKY
AC191689.4_FGP041 WRKY
AC193630.3_FGP039 WRKY
AC194362.3_FGP022 WRKY
AC203975.3_FGP033 WRKY
AC205966.3_FGP019 WRKY
GRMZM2G003551_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G004060_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G005207_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G006301_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G006497_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G008029_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G010107_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G010577_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G012698_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G012724_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G012724_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G012724_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G012724_P04 WRKY
GRMZM2G013391_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G015433_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G018487_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G018487_P02 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G018721_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G020907_P01 WRKY hATC zf-BED
GRMZM2G023429_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G023563_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G023563_P02 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G024505_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G024898_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G025895_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G027972_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G029282_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G029292_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G029795_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G030272_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G031963_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G032237_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G034421_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G036703_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G038158_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G040298_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G040940_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G045863_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G045863_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G045863_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G045863_P04 WRKY
GRMZM2G046312_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G048450_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G051240_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G052070_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G052671_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G053608_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G053608_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G054125_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G054599_T01_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G054962_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G054962_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G055496_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G055496_P02 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G057011_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G057116_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G059562_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G060918_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G061408_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G063216_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G063740_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G063880_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G064184_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G065290_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G066403_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G067947_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G067947_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G069668_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G069668_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G070202_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G070211_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G071221_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G071221_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G071221_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G071907_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G071967_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G071967_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G071967_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G073272_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G075068_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G075188_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G076657_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G076878_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G078455_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G078455_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G082591_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G083350_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G083717_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G086332_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G086332_P02 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G090594_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G091331_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G098608_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G099561_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G099593_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G101405_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G101607_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G102583_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G102971_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G103551_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G105140_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G106966_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G110630_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G111354_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G111711_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G112470_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G113975_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G116262_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G117394_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G117562_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G118275_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G120287_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G120287_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G120320_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G123387_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G125010_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G125653_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G126420_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G127064_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G127323_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G127323_P02 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G127323_P03 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G128402_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G129617_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G129617_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G129823_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G130374_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G130854_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G131547_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G131547_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G131547_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G131547_P04 WRKY
GRMZM2G131547_P05 WRKY
GRMZM2G132034_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G132665_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G133025_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G137802_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G138683_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G139815_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G141115_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G141299_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G141299_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G141299_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G142287_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G143204_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G143204_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G143204_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G143765_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G144113_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G144113_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G145035_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G145554_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G146931_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G146931_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G147880_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G148087_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G148561_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G148613_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G149009_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G149219_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G149683_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G150441_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G150441_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G150441_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G150441_P04 WRKY
GRMZM2G151407_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G151407_P04 WRKY
GRMZM2G151444_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G151763_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G153310_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G155103_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G156529_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G157294_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G158328_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G161411_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G163054_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G163054_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G163054_P03 WRKY
GRMZM2G163418_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G163418_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G164082_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G164933_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G166468_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G168709_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G169149_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G169564_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G169966_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G171428_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G171428_P02 WRKY
GRMZM2G173680_P01 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G173680_P02 Plant_zn_clust WRKY
GRMZM2G176489_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G176504_P01 WRKY
GRMZM2G178444_P01 WRKY

General references

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