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Vitis vinifera bHLH Family


Buck & Atchley. 2003: The basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family of proteins is a group of functionally diverse transcription factors found in both plants and animals. These proteins evolved early in eukaryotic cells before the split of animals and plants, but appear to function in lsquoplant-specificrsquo or lsquoanimal-specificrsquo processes. In animals bHLH proteins are involved in regulation of a wide variety of essential developmental processes. On the contrary, bHLH proteins have not been extensively studied in plants. Those that have been characterized function in anthocyanin biosynthesis, phytochrome signaling, globulin expression, fruit dehiscence, carpel and epidermal development.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess HLH domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Bailey et al. 2003 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 154 members for this family, 122 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.92. Thirty-two additional members not present in ArabTFDB might be false negatives, giving a Sensitivity of 0.80.

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There are 102 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
GSVIVP00000052001 HLH
GSVIVP00000120001 HLH
GSVIVP00000123001 HLH
GSVIVP00000427001 HLH
GSVIVP00000514001 HLH
GSVIVP00000658001 HLH
GSVIVP00001223001 HLH
GSVIVP00001325001 HLH
GSVIVP00001460001 HLH
GSVIVP00001847001 HLH
GSVIVP00002419001 HLH
GSVIVP00002687001 HLH
GSVIVP00002711001 HLH
GSVIVP00003416001 HLH
GSVIVP00003965001 HLH
GSVIVP00003967001 HLH
GSVIVP00003968001 HLH
GSVIVP00003969001 HLH
GSVIVP00003970001 ACT HLH
GSVIVP00004795001 ACT HLH
GSVIVP00005670001 HLH
GSVIVP00006172001 HLH
GSVIVP00006182001 HLH
GSVIVP00006493001 HLH
GSVIVP00006790001 HLH
GSVIVP00008249001 HLH
GSVIVP00008627001 HLH
GSVIVP00008845001 HLH
GSVIVP00010643001 HLH
GSVIVP00010768001 HLH
GSVIVP00011123001 HLH
GSVIVP00011183001 HLH
GSVIVP00012117001 HLH
GSVIVP00012450001 HLH
GSVIVP00012512001 HLH
GSVIVP00012704001 HLH
GSVIVP00013072001 HLH
GSVIVP00014834001 HLH
GSVIVP00014848001 HLH
GSVIVP00014850001 HLH
GSVIVP00014949001 HLH
GSVIVP00014998001 HLH
GSVIVP00015050001 HLH
GSVIVP00015112001 HLH
GSVIVP00015166001 HLH
GSVIVP00015749001 HLH
GSVIVP00016111001 HLH
GSVIVP00016258001 HLH
GSVIVP00016367001 HLH
GSVIVP00016545001 HLH
GSVIVP00017237001 HLH
GSVIVP00017695001 HLH
GSVIVP00017700001 HLH
GSVIVP00018030001 HLH
GSVIVP00018717001 HLH
GSVIVP00018844001 HLH
GSVIVP00019192001 HLH
GSVIVP00019502001 HLH
GSVIVP00019511001 HLH
GSVIVP00019906001 HLH
GSVIVP00020131001 HLH
GSVIVP00021136001 HLH
GSVIVP00021166001 HLH
GSVIVP00022147001 HLH
GSVIVP00022384001 HLH
GSVIVP00022506001 HLH
GSVIVP00022870001 HLH
GSVIVP00023253001 HLH
GSVIVP00023708001 HLH
GSVIVP00023837001 HLH
GSVIVP00023884001 HLH
GSVIVP00024649001 HLH
GSVIVP00024913001 HLH
GSVIVP00025522001 HLH
GSVIVP00025528001 HLH
GSVIVP00026142001 HLH
GSVIVP00026175001 HLH
GSVIVP00026484001 HLH
GSVIVP00027432001 HLH
GSVIVP00028227001 HLH
GSVIVP00028942001 HLH
GSVIVP00029322001 HLH
GSVIVP00030280001 HLH
GSVIVP00030359001 HLH
GSVIVP00031190001 HLH
GSVIVP00031646001 HLH
GSVIVP00031699001 HLH
GSVIVP00033905001 HLH
GSVIVP00034227001 HLH
GSVIVP00034660001 HLH
GSVIVP00035171001 HLH
GSVIVP00035886001 HLH
GSVIVP00036056001 HLH
GSVIVP00036135001 HLH
GSVIVP00036369001 HLH
GSVIVP00036616001 HLH
GSVIVP00036779001 HLH
GSVIVP00037902001 HLH
GSVIVP00037942001 HLH
GSVIVP00038231001 HLH
GSVIVP00038527001 HLH
GSVIVP00038535001 HLH

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