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Populus trichocarpa bZIP Family


Jakoby et al. 2002: In plants, basic region/leucine zipper motif (bZIP) transcription factors regulate processes including pathogen defence, light and stress signalling, seed maturation and flower development.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess bZIP_1 bZIP_2 bZIP_Maf domains
  SHOULD NOT possess HLH domain

Domain alignments

Benchmark against A. thaliana

The Sensitivity and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) were assessed for this family. The data reported by Jakoby et al. 2002 for A. thaliana were taken as gold standard.

The gold standard reported 74 members for this family, 68 of which are present in ArabTFDB, giving a PPV of 0.97. Six additional members not present in ArabTFDB might be false negatives, giving a Sensitivity of 0.92.

This family is also present in:


There are 86 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
176347 gw1.I.4947.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
204863 gw1.V.264.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
207609 gw1.V.3010.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
217692 gw1.VII.1997.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
228532 gw1.X.3229.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
239991 gw1.XIII.240.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
242954 gw1.XIII.3203.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
244814 gw1.XIV.1557.1 MFMR bZIP_1 bZIP_2
245573 gw1.XIV.2316.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
251247 gw1.XV.683.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
255215 gw1.XVI.1154.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
266015 gw1.123.37.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
267872 gw1.130.194.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
271607 gw1.147.175.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
272608 gw1.152.77.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
292756 gw1.64.408.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
294737 gw1.70.190.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
411188 gw1.II.2523.1 MFMR bZIP_1 bZIP_2
411874 gw1.II.3209.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
424048 gw1.57.15.1 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
424322 gw1.57.289.1 MFMR bZIP_1 bZIP_2
547867 eugene3.00010308 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
549022 eugene3.00011463 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
550249 eugene3.00012690 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
551106 eugene3.00020421 bZIP_1
551849 eugene3.00021164 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
554977 eugene3.00031610 bZIP_2
556549 eugene3.00041262 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
558204 eugene3.00091464 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
559630 eugene3.00051245 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
560286 eugene3.00060245 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
564400 eugene3.00080995 bZIP_2
564461 eugene3.00081056 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
564507 eugene3.00081102 bZIP_2
566729 eugene3.00101287 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
572012 eugene3.00140057 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
582775 eugene3.01420082 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
590335 eugene3.03090004 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
594286 eugene3.06340002 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
642918 grail3.0003013801 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
646875 grail3.0047000501 bZIP_2
648793 grail3.0045019202 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
649217 grail3.0001028301 bZIP_2
649375 grail3.0001041801 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
651568 grail3.0002026401 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
657788 grail3.0102003601 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
659068 grail3.0006047901 bZIP_2
677861 grail3.0040023201 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
710131 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_II0889 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
712010 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_III0940 bZIP_2
715285 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_V1456 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
716556 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_V5017 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
717128 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_VI0997 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
718317 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_VII0750 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
719452 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_VII3388 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
719591 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_VII3692 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
721835 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_IX1501 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
729825 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_XIII1499 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
739018 estExt_Genewise1_v1.C_LG_XIX2639 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
751080 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_I000683 bZIP_2
754448 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II000628 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
754658 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II000838 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
754888 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II001068 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
757220 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_III000762 MFMR bZIP_1 bZIP_2
764916 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_VII001261 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
767006 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IX000057 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
767577 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IX000628 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
767813 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IX000864 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
767814 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IX000865 bZIP_2
770717 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_X002207 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
774123 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_XIV000033 bZIP_2
781358 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_40000108 bZIP_2
801922 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_VI000269 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
803082 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_VIII000037 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
808328 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_XVI000056 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
809109 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_XVIII000127 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
812021 fgenesh4_pm.C_scaffold_220000002 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
816720 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_II1803 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
818112 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_IV1320 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
818828 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_V1569 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
818888 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_V1707 bZIP_2
825048 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_XVI0272 bZIP_2
826496 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_280294 bZIP_1
826637 estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_290262 MFMR bZIP_1 bZIP_2
830210 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_II0415 bZIP_1 bZIP_2
836130 estExt_fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_XIX0249 bZIP_1 bZIP_2

General references

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