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Populus trichocarpa mTERF Family


Roberti et al. 2009: The MTERF family is a wide protein family, identified in Metazoa and plants, which consists of 4 subfamilies named MTERF1-4. Proteins belonging to this family are localized in mitochondria and have a modular architecture based on repetitions of a 30 amino acid module, the mTERF motif, containing leucine zipper-like heptads. The MTERF family includes the characterized transcription termination factors human mTERF, sea urchin mtDBP and Drosophila DmTTF. In vitro and in vivo studies show that these factors play different roles which are not restricted to transcription termination, but concern also transcription inititiation and the control of mtDNA replication. The multiplicity of functions could be related to the differences in the gene organization of the mitochondrial genomes. Studies on the function of human and Drosophila MTERF3 factor showed that the protein acts as negative regulator of mitochondrial transcription, possibly in cooperation with other still unknown factors. The complete elucidation of the role of the MTERF family members will allow to unravel the molecular mechanisms of mtDNA transcription and replication.

Members of this family
  SHOULD possess mTERF domain

Domain alignments

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There are 51 gene models in this family

Gene modelDescriptionDomains
176026 gw1.I.4626.1 mTERF
195313 gw1.IV.402.1 mTERF
199625 gw1.IX.90.1 mTERF
218287 gw1.VII.2592.1 mTERF
226391 gw1.X.1088.1 mTERF
245916 gw1.XIV.2659.1 mTERF
256344 gw1.XVI.2283.1 mTERF
260392 gw1.XVIII.933.1 mTERF
275579 gw1.17312.1.1 mTERF
416079 gw1.VI.452.1 mTERF
547749 eugene3.00010190 mTERF
547752 eugene3.00010193 mTERF
547754 eugene3.00010195 mTERF
547755 eugene3.00010196 mTERF
547756 eugene3.00010197 mTERF
547757 eugene3.00010198 mTERF
547759 eugene3.00010200 mTERF
547760 eugene3.00010201 mTERF
547762 eugene3.00010203 mTERF
547763 eugene3.00010204 mTERF
547765 eugene3.00010206 mTERF
555113 eugene3.00031746 mTERF
555114 eugene3.00031747 mTERF
555293 eugene3.00040006 mTERF
555297 eugene3.00040010 mTERF
555298 eugene3.00040011 mTERF
555299 eugene3.00040012 mTERF
557255 eugene3.00090515 mTERF
563387 eugene3.00071325 mTERF
569735 eugene3.00120388 mTERF
575006 eugene3.00150401 mTERF
575007 eugene3.00150402 mTERF
576278 eugene3.00160413 mTERF
576279 eugene3.00160414 mTERF
581771 eugene3.01320025 mTERF
586736 eugene3.02000015 mTERF
664543 grail3.0012003101 mTERF
678072 grail3.0041003501 mTERF
750590 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_I000193 mTERF
750595 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_I000198 mTERF
750600 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_I000203 mTERF
750638 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_I000241 mTERF
770896 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_XI000049 mTERF
775624 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_XV000052 mTERF
777125 fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_XVI000367 mTERF
781391 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_40000141 mTERF
782607 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_66000222 mTERF
783148 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_86000008 mTERF
788202 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_265000003 mTERF
794434 fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_12000000001 mTERF
805851 fgenesh4_pm.C_LG_XI000126 mTERF

General references

Roberti, M; Polosa, PL; Bruni, F; Manzari, C; Deceglie, S; Gadaleta, MN; Cantatore, P. 2009. The MTERF family proteins: Mitochondrial transcription regulators and beyond. Biochim. Biophys. Acta PUBMEDID:19366610