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version: 3.0

G2-like HMM

The G2-like domain is characteristic of the G2-like transcription factor family. It is highly similar to the TEA domain found in Chordata, fungi and yeast. G2-like domain has a deletion of around 16 a.a. respect to the TEA domain. The TEA domain has three helix while G2-like has only two. A seed alignment was built with representatives of Oryza sativa, Zea mays, Arabidopsis thaliana and Catharanthus roseus, taken from Rossini et al. (2001).

CLUSTAL X (1.82) multiple sequence alignment
gi|34904478|ref|NP_913586.1|        WTPELHRRFVQAVEQLGIDK
gi|18399397|ref|NP_565476.1|        WTPELHRRFVEAVEQLGVDK
gi|13940496|gb|AAK50392.1|AF31      WTPELHRRFVQAVEELGIDK
gi|33330870|gb|AAQ10678.1|          WSVELHQQFVAAVNQLGIDK
gi|34904478|ref|NP_913586.1|        AVPSRILELMGIECLTRHNIASHLQKYR
gi|18399397|ref|NP_565476.1|        AVPSRILELMGVHCLTRHNVASHLQKYR
gi|33330870|gb|AAQ10678.1|          AVPKKILELMNVPGLTRENVASHLQKYR